Ladies, How Often Should You Wash Your Bra? This Is The Answer!

Be honest: how many times do you wash your bra? Experts from the British lingerie industry discovered that women do not wash their bras as often as they should…

It is actually kind of logic women don’t wash their bras as often as should, because not every bra is a comfortable as the other. If you have two very nice and comfortable bra, you like to wear them all the time. Maybe even every day? Or as long the bra is not smelling. Nevertheless, this is something we should not do. Why and how many times?

Experts in the lingerie industry show that you can wear your bra for max. 3 days in a row, before you should add it to the pile of wash. It is not only for hygiene, but also for the quality of the bra and to keep the right support. Do you sweat a lot? Change your bra every day.

Is it really necessarily? 

The answer is yes! Besides it is not easy. Wash them in a hand wash, with a little (mild) detergent, let it sink in and do not forget to rinse them off.

Washing machine.
Another option is washing them in the washing machine. Make sure you put the bras in a little net specially made for lingerie. Why? To make sure your bra is still from good quality after washing it and the bra brackets does not come lose and break your machine.

Wash them 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit degrees) or lower. Make sure you sort them by colour, before you start the washing machine and all of your white clothes are pink or grey.

Never put your bras in the dryer or wring them out, because they will lose their colours and elasticity. The best way to dry them is by placing them on a towel with the cups upwards.

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