We have observed several times that a woman is hooked up with a wrong partner based on his physical appearance and are unaware of his routine habits. That arises several problems for her, once she is married to that person. So to avoid such problems which may result in a mistaken married life here are the following fifteen kinds of men, women should avoid as their life partner.

  1. The one who never permits you to meet with any friends especially of opposite or never gives you your space.
  2. He always wants to you to follow his orders and live your life according to him even dress yourself according to his decision.
  3. He is short-tempered, and you may be his only target
  4. The one who neither cares about you or your life and never take the pain to know what is going in your life.
  5. Being your husband, he does not like your family and friends.
  6. Due to his behaviour, he does not have any friends.
  7. He always makes fun of you in public and never misses a chance to embarrass you.
  8. He never allows you to spend your time with your closed ones.
  9. He is a lier and never tells you the truth.
  10. He never respects his family members, so it is understandable that he is not going to respect you too.
  11. He is more interested in watching pornography than in spending time with you.
  12. He never had respect towards the staff service.
  13. He always humiliates you both mentally and physically.
  14. He still remembers his ex-girlfriend so he can never be honest towards you.
  15. When your inner gut feeling stops you to marry any person.

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