These 6 Reasons Will Convince You To Start Sleeping Naked!

Experts have come to the conclusion that going to sleep in the nude can actually make you healthier. While it has erotic connotations, this move is not about sex. It makes you healthier, both physically and mentally. You might be sleeping in your underwear or your night clothes but now keep reading to learn why you need to try sleeping naked.

1. More Oxytocin Is Produced

By sleeping without clothes on and maintaining skin to skin contact with your partner, you can make your body produce more oxytocin. Also known as the ‘love hormone’, it can help stabilize your BP, bring down anxiety levels and gives you an overall sense of happiness. Doing this will also bring more passion into your sex life. Research has shown that over 50% of spouses who didn’t wear clothes to bed had stronger relationships than those who did wear clothes.

2. Decreases Levels Of Cortisol

As soon as we nod off, the brain begins to bring down our body’s warmth. Therefore going to sleep in the nude is useful for controlling our temperature. This balances the amount of cortisol in the body and consequently, we will feel less stressed and anxious. You won’t feel like binge eating anymore and you will be able to control your weight better.

3. Improves Quality Of Rest

By wearing pajamas and covering yourself with a quilt, you’re making your body’s temperature rise to uncomfortable levels preventing yourself from getting comfortable enough to sleep properly. Hence you keep moving around and whatever sleep you get is fitful at best. You can bring down your body temperature by sleeping naked.

4. Anti Aging Effects

As we rest, the brain causes the production of quite a few hormones. Melatonin (growth hormone) is one of these and it can keep you looking younger for a longer period. However, to produce more Melatonin, the surrounding temperature must be below 21 degrees Celsius or your body will get too hot and you will not be comfortable enough to sleep.

5. Men’s Reproductive System Becomes Healthier

A huge plus for all men, a study conducted on 500 men by the National Institute of Child Health has shown that keeping boxers on in the daytime and taking off all your clothing before sleeping can actually make men produce better semen. Wearing restricting cloths while sleeping can overheat the testicular area resulting in the production of inferior semen.

6. Boosts Your Confidence

A huge part of becoming confident is first being comfortable with your own body just the way it is. This is often difficult for us as society has a very restricted view on the kind of body that we can be comfortable with. But sleeping naked is a freeing experience and it gives you a lot more self-confidence thereby giving you happiness as well.

Overall, sleeping naked sure beats sleeping with your clothes on. Now that you know this, try it out and see for yourself.

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