Should You Pee Before Or After Making Love? An Expert Explains Once And For All

According to some experts, women should go for peeing after indulging in intercourse on the reason that it minimizes urinary tract infections. This argument is countered with another school of thought that also is more closer to common sense which says the urge to go to bathroom will be distracting during sex making one more and more comfortable.

So it is recommended to relieve yourself before getting down to business. However one thing is for sure and that is when we will get that call of nature to attend to. One can’t control that and obviously that means you have to go when you have to go.

Although we cannot control when we might need a trip to the bathroom however there is a certain rule one needs to observe if they have this natural need to answer to. It mostly revolves around the subject of urinary tract infections which may be caused based on urinating before or after sex.

The idea is that when you have attended to the call of nature and relieved your system and indulge in sex after it you might have a higher chance of catching a UTI. This is because foreign bacteria may get introduced in the urethra during vaginal penetration being carried by the penis.

Mainly the concern is based on the fact that penis might push the bacteria up into urethra from where it can make its way deeper into the urinary tract. It might go up the urinary tract even to the kidneys and infect them as well.

To make matters worse there is also a possibility of getting recurrent UTIs because of one such bacterium known as Gardnerella vaginalis which is of course very unfortunate. This study of 2017 suggested that it is highly probable to get introduced to this infection by the vaginal penetration during sex. In short, it means the other UTIs which were previously dormant are again reactivated and it also leads to the infection of kidneys. Obviously it is not a pretty picture at all.

Here it slowly starts to make sense that one should go pee after having sexual intercourse because you will flush out any foreign bacteria and clear your urinary tract of any infections. This will prevent any bacteria from making its way up your urethra and into your bladder resulting in undesirable UTIs. However this raises the question of how much essential it actually is for all women?

For those women who have a history of contracting UTIs it is recommended to adopt certain beneficial practices as general guidelines to avoid unfortunate situations. First of all make hygiene a top priority for both you and your sexual partner. Washing of your hands frequently and adopting safer sexual practice like using of condoms by your partner.

Above all the best way to achieve a cleaner urinary tract is to stay well hydrated and drink lots of fluids. This will help your system flush out any unwanted foreign bodies avoiding UTIs.

So really the conclusion is shouting out that one don’t need to wait to pee only after sex rather just pee before and after sex by keeping your body well hydrated and not really waiting only to go after sex. Those patients who often get this problem of UTIs are further recommended to take cranberry juice which is the best natural medicine which really helps you clean your urinary tract. It works by making the bacteria that’s sticking to the walls of your bladder to disintegrate and flushed out of your system.

This does not mean you need to stop yourself from going to the washroom until and only after sex. Do not dampen the romance by flying out of bed right after the sex and make your way to flush out any possible toxins. Just go when you feel the need you have to go.

Similarly if you have the urge right in the middle of the sex, listen to your body and go to the toilet despite the dismay of your partner. Holding up or not going to the bathroom when you actually have to, is also one of the reasons for UTIs.


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