WARNING FOR THE GIRLS: Here Are The Deadly Activities You Should Not Do When You Are On Your Period!

Women have to face a very painful scenario every month. Menstruation typically causes discomfort in most women, which can usually be relieved with plenty of rest. Anything that adds stress to the female body may contribute to this pain and could eventually lead to more serious health problems.
1.) Skipping meals or not eating at all
– During menstruation, the female body releases excessive amounts of blood. If there will be no constant supply of nutrients and energy in the body, it will not function properly and may lead to fatigue.
2.) Unsafe or Unprotected S*xual Intercourse
– The blood that the body is releasing during menstruation is full of infectious organisms. Doctors recommend abstinence during this time of the month. However, one can still engage in s*xual activities as long one uses protection to avoid infection.
3.) Doing Manual Labor
– Menstruation stresses out the body which causes fatigue. Doing physically-taxing tasks will contribute to this fatigue. Doctors recommend women take it easy and rest during menstruation so that the body can manage pain more effectively.
4.) Eating Unhealthy Foods
– The body requires a constant supply of nutrients during menstruation. Eating junk foods only contributes to abdominal pain. Therefore, a woman on her menstrual cycle should instead eat more fruits and vegetables.


5.) Going To Bed Late At Night
– During the menstruation, the body requires a lot of rest. Staying up late affects the body’s production of melatonin – a hormone needed to regulate sleep. If a woman will not be able to meet her required amount of rest, it will cause her body to fatigue.
6.) There are a lot of eating and drinking practices one must also avoid, such as:
– Soda intake
– Consuming cold water
– Too much consumption of cucumbers or any watery food.
– Eating sour and salty foods
– Too much caffeine intake (coffee, chocolate, tea)

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