8 Signs Of FAKE Nice People You Need To Be Aware Of!

In this systematic world we need to be aware of some signs which is fake and which is really genuine.Not every one can notice this as they can’t identify all this easily for such people here are some of the facts about fake and real people in fact every one should be aware of this and here are some of these facts about such signs.

1.Nice people respect every one while fake people only respect the ones with power.

2.Nice people just focus on their work instead of impressing others while fake try hard to impress others.

3.Genuine people aren’t attention seekers while the fake are attention seekers.

4.Genuine people don’t barg while fake show off all their time.

5.Nice people express their feelings openly, while fake gossip a lot.

6.nice people try to keep their promises while fake don’t .

7.Genuine people praise others to encourage them while fake criticize to make themselves great.

8.Genuine people will be nice to others all the time while fake maintain if they have hidden agenda.

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