Holding Your Hand In This Position Is Proven To Help Your Body AND Mind.

Research has proven that Yoga is beneficial for the body. It can even help you balance out various physical and mental health issues in life. Here are some basic mudras or hand poses that you can try out, even when you are sitting in your office or watching TV!

#1. Mudras

There are eight different hand poses. Not only do they help you remove toxicity in your body, they will also help you in raising your chakra energy.

#2. Gyaan Mudra Or The Knowledge Hand Pose

As the name suggests, it helps you in balancing the knowledge element in the body. Just touch both index fingers to your thumbs. You can accentuate your vigor, confidence and self-esteem with this incredible hand pose!

#3. Vaayu Mudra Or The Air Hand Pose

This pose balances the air element in the body. Touch your index finger to the base of your thumb, rather than the tip. This position brings relaxation and calms your inner energies. It can help you combat internal aggression and restlessness. It can also helpful for your concentration.

#4. Aakash Mudra Or The Sky Hand Pose

Touching the middle finger to the thumb, you can rid yourself of depressive and exhaustive emotions like anger, short-term sadness, and fear. This pose helps to help detoxify, so it is beneficial for congestion or heartburn. The Sky element is balanced wit this hand pose.

#5. Shunya Mudra Or The Zero Hand Pose

Put your middle finger to the tip of your thumb in the earlier pose, place it at the base of your thumb. Holding this pose can help with pain, motion sickness, or even hearing loss. It eases the pH of your body by bringing all the elements of the body in equilibrium.

#6. Prithvi Mudra Or The Earth Hand Pose

Put your ring finger against the tip of your thumb and hold it there. It promotes tissue growth, so nails, hair, and skin can all be improved. It can also relieve muscle soreness. It is useful for balancing the earth element in your body.

#7. Surya Mudra Or The Sun Hand Pose

Hold your ring fingers against the base of your thumb. This pose helps you in raising your body temperature and fending off shivers and cold. Just try this one out for sure in winters when the weather is exceptionally chilly. You might have guessed that this pose helps in balancing the Sun element in your body.

#8. Varun Mudra Or The Water Hand Pose

Join the pinky finger with your thumb. This pose improves water element permeability in your body. It can help you to evade arthritis pains and hormone deficiencies.  You can tackle Premenstrual Syndrome symptoms like cramps or dehydration, dry eyes, skin, and hair.

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