Psychologists Explain Why You Should Be Friends With People Who Swear A Lot

We all know that one person who swears a lot. And even though some people might consider it as ‘inappropriate’, scientists have actually claimed that foul-mouthed people are smarter than most people around them. Yes, people who swear indeed seem to be a little less presentable and friendly, but hey! They are the ones who have a lot to say too.

A lot of people believe that people who swear a lot are not good and probably use foul words because they lack the vocabulary to sufficiently express themselves. However, psychologists Kristin Joy of Marist College and Timothy Jay of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts are of a different opinion. Research has found out that people who use such language are likely to be more neutral in their views and also have general strong distinctions. Hence, they use ‘inappropriate’ words to show disagreement towards a particular thing or idea.

Another study showed that people who swear more were more honest and raw in their opinion. People who swear a lot will always tell you what’s on their mind. And do not believe in hiding or diluting things just to suit others’ preference. They believe in honesty and they use the words that exactly show that. They also believe in expressing their views confidently in whichever way possible, and a lot of time, through slangs. These people are more genuine and like to be real. They are often misjudged for this, but that doesn’t stop them from being who they are.

Studies have also found that people who abuse when they are taken in custody and confronted are more likely to speak the truth and are honest rather than the ones who play it cool and don’t abuse at all. It’s only justified. Any honest person will lose his/her calm when someone accuses of something they didn’t do. However, someone who has a crime to conceal will play it cool so that they don’t give in any bit of information.

So the next time you meet a friend who swears a lot, be sure that their criticism is purely honest in nature and they do not intend on hurting you. It’s just their way of expressing themselves, to the fullest.

Source : truthinsideofyou

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