9 Psychological Tricks That Can Make People Like You Instantly

Some people just find ways to be irresistible to others. It’s not just a physical attraction, either. There are things about their personality that make them stand out.

Over time, psychologists have done studies to look into just what causes things like this. They’ve discovered several tricks of the trade that work. This list looks at a few of those. You may want to give them a shot in an effort to attract others.

9. Confidence is key

To many, confidence is the most important thing someone can have. You have to be able to see and understand how great you are, or else nobody else will see it. When you’re confident, you’re authentic and there’s no room for you to be jealous of anyone. You’re comfortable with who you are.

Confidence can teach you self-sufficiency and that you don’t have to compete with anyone. It will ooze out of you and other people can tell that. You’ll emit an aura that almost everyone can find attractive. Be careful though, as too much confidence can become cockiness, which nobody likes.

8. Have big goals

One of the things that people like is ambition. You don’t want someone who doesn’t believe in themselves or have any goals. A person who goes after their dreams is one you want to be aligned with.

When you have a big dream and you’re chasing it, positive vibes will emit from you. It’s admirable to be someone who shows that they want to make it far in their life. Don’t bury your goals, go after them. Everyone will think it’s attractive.

7. Self-awareness

Do unto others. You know that saying. It’s important to treat yourself well because it shows others how to treat you. People with self-awareness are attractive because they know exactly who they are and they accept it. They know their strengths and their weaknesses.
They know how to handle those weaknesses and how to showcase those strengths.

6. Stop complaining

Nobody wants to hang out with someone who spends most of their time complaining and whining. If you’re just sitting there complaining about how bad life is or how little you think of yourself, not a single person will be interested in dating you.

Negativity is the furthest thing from attraction. Be positive. Remind yourself of the good things going on in your life and focus on what you’ve achieved. Don’t overthink problems, encourage yourself and others, and just do your best to be happy.

5. Don’t copy; imitate

Being yourself is very important. You’ve got to be your own person, because that’s one of the most attractive things on the planet. However, it’s good to try and be a mirror image of sorts to the person you’re with.

You should do what you can to show interest in the hobbies and passions of the other person. Be on the same page as the person you’re interested in. Don’t change who you are, but find a way to incorporate someone else, as it will do wonders for your relationship.

4. Listen

Far too many people confuse hearing with listening. There’s a big different. Hearing someone is one thing, where you simply hear what the other person is telling you. Meanwhile, listening involves understanding what was being said and having a conversation about it.

Don’t pretend to listen either. It’s important not to have your mind occupied elsewhere. Listening shows a willingness to allow someone else into your life. With the hustle and bustle of life, finding someone who is interested in taking the time to listen to you is special.

3. Use body gestures

This is way more crucial than most people seem to understand. Not making eye contact while holding a conversation is rude and unattractive. It’s a small but important gesture. There’s also the important fact that about 90% of someone’s first impression of you is based on body language.

No matter what you’re off doing, having good body language can make or break a situation. It shapes your personality in a way that you probably don’t expect. Smile, look into someone’s eyes, and stand straight. These all matter in terms of being attractive.

2. Focus on one

If you want someone to look at you like there’s nobody else around, then you need to make sure they feel like they’re all that matters. If you’re not giving someone your undivided attention, then what’s the point? It’s rude and ultimately useless.

Don’t pay attention to anyone else. If someone finds you attractive, only to see you stop in the middle of a conversation to check your phone, they’ll immediately notice how uncool that is. Be considerate, as it goes a long way.

1. Tell great stories

This one probably seems kind of odd, but it’s key. Being an amazing speaker who can have quality conversations makes you incredibly attractive. People get completely hooked on a great storyteller. Even if you don’t have vast experiences, you can still have great conversations.

Shelter, nourishment, companionship. These are things everyone wants, but so are stories. If you can communicate in a compelling manner, it will allow for improved social interactions. That makes people like you more and they’re more likely to be attracted.

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