6 Signs That Your Body Alerts You With Before A Heart Attack

Modern-day lives rely on the ever-growing fast food industry to survive in today’s world. The stress, anxiety, and deadlines at work seem to disappear radically with a bite of that delicious roadside burger, right? But then again, who decides where to set the limit to this hogging of unhealthy food? The answer – we never set any.

And that brings us to the most important illness factor of the world right now – obesity. According to statistics, more than 70% of America’s death is caused by a massive heart attack. And the reason behind it? You guessed it – Stress, anxiety, and obesity.

But fear not! We have compiled a list of 6 signs that probably directs your attention to the fact that your body might succumb to a heart attack very soon. Read on!

1. Exhaustion

When the arteries of your heart get narrowed with the advent of time, the heart has to work tremendously hard to get the blood flowing. This creates a pandemonium in your body schedule and you’re left fatigued all the time.

2. Shallow Breathing

If your heart works a lot to pump out the blood, it is probably making sure to use up a lot of the oxygen intake. This makes the lungs be devoid of proper oxygen influx, which results in shallow, improper breathing. This is why you have been running out of breath recently. Take note!


When your heart is working excessively hard and your lungs are devoid of proper oxygen intake, your mind is often left out feeling very weak – emotionally and physically. You are probably deteriorating fast if this happens.

4. You feel dizzy and sweat often

This occurs largely due to the arteries getting narrowed down by the formation of cholesterol and fat. Obesity changes the functional state of the body and reduces blood flow to the brain. This makes you feel dizzy so often.

5. Minor/Major Chest pain

When you get back home after a day full of stress, anxiety and junk food at work to lay down for a few hours, you feel like someone’s clutching by your throat while sitting on your chest. This uncomfortable pressure on your chest often arises from the complexity of improper blood flow in your body. This is a BIG sign that you are really vulnerable to a heart attack soon.

6. Inflicted easily by influenza – fever

This is because your body is failing to live up to its proper functioning potential. This has a major influence on your immunity power which deteriorates rapidly. You are left exposed to commonplace virus/bacteria which results in influenza/fever.

In order to take care of yourself and prevent the heart attack, you need to speak to a professional doctor and seek help. Also, you really need to take care of your diet and sleep schedule. We hope you live long to be 100!

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