10 Things All Girls Do Secretly But Are Too Embarrassed To Admit In Public!

Not bathing for days, wearing same clothes for days and living in a mess is something that we all associate with guys. Girls are always believed to be super hygienic and not doing stuffs that made them embarrass in public. However, there are number of embarrassing and weird things that all girls do secretly but never accept in public. Being the most unpredictable creatures on earth, girls do quite a lot of things but nobody has knowledge about, especially the guys. Here are few things all girls do secretly.

1. Stalking their crushes, exes and BFFs on social media
Stalking their crushes, there exes, their BFFs, the random hot girls – basically everyone on Facebook and Instagram four hours. Yes, stalking is just not guy’s thing, girls do it too and sometimes more than the guys do.

2. Doing stupid acts in front of mirror
Give an Oscar speech, do ramp walk, dance and pose sexily in bikini in front of the mirror. Yes, mirrors are girls’ secret keepers who witness most weird and crazy thing girls so.

3. Taking off bra as soon as they enter home
Yes, bras make their boobs look perfect but girls hate wearing them. So, they take it off as soon as they step inside their room. Most of the girls don’t wear bras while sleeping and some girls let their boobs free when nobody is home.

4. Picking nose
Picking nose is something that only boys can do but even the super hygienic and modern girls do it too. Yes, they would never accept it in public but all girl pick their nose when they are alone in their room or when in washroom.

5. Re-reading the WhatsApp chats
Girls have this habit of re-reading the chats they had with our bf/crush/spouse which might seem kind of weird to others but that’s how they are. They re-read chats to re-live those emotions and feelings they had at that time.

6. They eat a lot, like really a lot
It’s just not the guys who eats a lot, many girls fall under this category too. Some girls are big time foodies and enjoy meal. Though they don’t eat in quantity as of guys but they keep on eating in small intervals.

7. Farting loud and smelly
When people are around, they will excuse themselves, go to the bathroom and try to make as less noise as possible. But when they are alone, they don’t mind letting a loud, smelly one out whenever they feel like doing it.

8. Checking out guys and stalking them
It’s just not guys who check out girls throughout the day and stalk them, girls do it too. They even pass on comments on them.

9. Not bathing for days
Even the girl who looks super hygiene doesn’t bath for days. They would even wear the same clothes for two days in a row and won’t wash them until it’s too dirty or stinky to wear the next time.

10. Masturbating
By it I mean masturbation. Yes, girls do it but most of them won’t admit it. They do it as frequently as guys do but enjoy it equally but don’t like to open up about this self-satisfying act.

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