Here’s Why You Make The Best Spouse, According To Your Zodiac

Want to know what your strengths are in your marriage? Turn to the stars. Yes, it’s true: Astrology can tell you a lot about the kind of marital partner you are— the good, the bad, and the ugly. But let’s just focus on the positive for now. From the lusty Libra to the tough Taurus, every zodiac sign has its talents in a relationship. So, what makes you the best spouse, like, ever? Read on below to find out.

Aries. From your career to your family, you’re a hard worker and an expert multi-tasker— but that doesn’t make you boring or vanilla. No, you’re not your typical 9-5’er. You love thrills which is why you always try to keep things fresh and exciting within your marriage. Naturally, your beau adores you for this.

Taurus. You’re a dependable one, Taurus. As trusting as you are loyal, once you commit, you do so 100 percent. Though you can be a bit stubborn at times, your partner doesn’t hold it against you. In fact, they see it as a positive, especially when it comes to working for what you want, whether it be at work or elsewhere.

Gemini. You’re one of the most loving and supportive individuals out there— and your partner is most certainly lucky to have you. As loyal as you are affectionate, you’re truly a thing of beauty, Gemini. Still, you’re representative of The Twins, so you do have another side— a darker one at that.

Cancer. Naturally kind and empathic, you’re the type of spouse that women aspire to be, Cancer. You always think of your partner’s needs first, and you seem to know how to provide it for them. When your lover is feeling down, you always know how to cheer them up.

Leo. To have you, Leo, is an honour. Mood swings aside, you’re the type of partner anyone would be proud to have. You’re kind, warm, and generous, and exceptionally affectionate to the people closest to you. The complete package? We think so.

Virgo. You’ve got an intuitive sense of what’s right and wrong, Virgo. No matter what the problem is, your partner knows that you are always looking out for them and they depend on you because of this. In laymen’s terms? You (usually) have all the answers, making you totally indispensable.

Libra. You’re a dynamic thinker with long-term goals— you’re also kinky, Libra. You love sex and are always willing to experiment in the bedroom. If possible, you like to keep the conflict down to a minimum, and are happiest when things are pleasant and harmonious.

Scorpio. No one will ever take you for granted, Scorpio. You’re a force of nature that’s not to reckoned with, which is why things are best when you’re in control. Additionally, you always set the bar high in your relationship— especially when it comes to sex.

Sagittarius. You’re fearless and open-minded, Sag. The free spirit of the zodiac, if you will. Because of this, you always keep your partner on their toes, exciting and energizing them about the possibilities of life. Safe to say, you’re one of a kind.

Capricorn. Simply put, you make your partner a better person. This is because you’re so admirable yourself— like, who wouldn’t want to be like you or your equal? From keeping things spicy between the sheets to taking care of things around the house, you’ve got it all going on for you, Capricorn.

Aquarius. Ah, Aquarius. You’re the BFF kind of partner, meaning that you always take interest your spouse’s interests. That said, you’re also independent. You never depend on your S.O. to excess, which makes coming home to them at the end of the day *that* much sweeter.

Pisces. You’re a romantic one, Pisces. As creative as you are emotional, you have your own way of seeing the world that is completely unique to you. You love doing creative and affectionate things for your partner, and you consistently work at keeping the spark between you alive. Your talents are enviable, to say the least.

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