5 Signs Your Crush Wants To Be More Than Friends

Is there someone out there who you’d like to date, but feel uncertain whether they like you back in that way? There are some very simple signs you can look for that will basically tell you whether or not that special someone would actually go out on a date with you. From neurological and physiological responses to body language signals, we’ll show you how to tell if someone is attracted to you. Continue reading to see five simple signs that mean your crush wants to be more than just friends.


1. Mirroring

When you chat next time with your crush, watch their body language closely. Not just that, but pay attention to your own, too. Are they mirroring what are you doing? If so, this could be a sign they’re interested! Obvious things to look out for are whether you’re both crossing your legs in the same way, or if your arms are in the same position. Take a look at where your hands are, and if they’re copying you. They won’t be doing this on purpose.

2. Eye Contact

Psychological studies have found that people look at those they like more than those they don’t. That makes total sense, doesn’t it? After all, if you like what you see, you’re going to want to keep on looking. Pay attention to the type of eye contact your crush gives you! People will look more at those they find attractive. But zone in on the direction of that gaze, and you can learn even more. If someone is genuinely interested in what you’re saying, they’ll be looking right into your eyes. You’ve probably felt this yourself at times.

3. Accidental Touching

If your crush has ever accidentally stroke their foot against your under the table, you might want to take that as a sign that they’re into you. They might well do this on purpose when they’re ready to show their true feelings. But it can also happen genuinely by accident. Their attraction to you could be acting like a magnet, pulling them towards you without their conscious thought. Some areas of the body also signal attraction more than others.

4. Sweaty Palms

Accidentally touching your crush’s hands will also give you information about how they feel about you. A sweaty palm is a classic sign that someone is nervous. But it’s also a sign that the person is experiencing the feeling of attraction. That’s because of the love chemicals we release when we’re attracted to someone. Certain chemical reactions take place inside our brains when we see someone we like.

5. Blushing

A psychological research has shown that you have no control over blushing when you’ve been near your crush. It can be totally embarrassing. But it can also be very revealing if you spot this physical reaction in your crush when they’re around you. Our blood flow rushes to our faces when we’re attracted to someone. It’s a primal way that the body tries to attract a mate. In fact, this is why women started wearing blush: to mimic this state and attract a partner. It’s an evolutionary way to bring partners together to reproduce. Of course, blushing doesn’t always an equal attraction.


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