Natural Ways To Lighten The Skin On Vagina In 7 Days

Let us begin by putting it out there that your vagina is not exactly designed to look pretty. The rough skin, the grisly hair and even the distinct odor is as it should be. They have a purpose.

Just as your nose hair prevents allergens and pollen from entering your system, the same way, pubic hair traps bacteria and prevents it from entering your vagina.

Your vagina has both good bacteria and bad bacteria. The good bacteria maintain the required alkalinity to kill the microbes and maintain a healthy environment down there, which gives it a distinct smell. It is when the distinct smell turns to a pungent odour that you know the bad bacteria count is high! Your skin texture is rough there because of the chafing of the thighs and tight clothing. And the skin tone of your southern region does not necessarily have to match with the rest of your body. Even the palest of women sometimes have dark private parts! In a perfect world, you would be fine just the way your vagina looks. However, the perfect world is more of an illusion than reality. And the quest for fairer and smoother southern region is real! Between the chemically choked products and natural remedies, we figured you are better off not taking toxic chemicals anywhere near your super-sensitive vagina. So, here are 7 natural remedies to lighten the skin on your vagina.


Curd, too, works to whiten the dark private area. You have to count on curd as a mask.

Ingredient: 1 cup of curd

Steps to follow:

1. Pass the curd through a strainer and let all the extra water come out.

2. Next, spread and massage the curd all over your dark and private skin.

3. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes, before you wash it off with tepid water.

2.Orange Peel 

Ingredients: Orange peel & powder Milk

Steps to follow:

1. Take a tablespoon of orange peel powder in a bowl.

2. Add some raw milk into it and mix everything well.

3. Apply this paste near the vagina and leave it on for 20 minutes.

4. Rinse it off in normal water.

3.Almond And Milk 

Though a little time-consuming, the almond and milk remedy for dark private skin works wonders.

Ingredients: Milk & Almond powder

Steps to follow:

1. In two tablespoons of raw cold milk, add two teaspoons of almond powder and make a white-coloured thick paste.

2. Coat your dark private skin with this paste.

3. Wait for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

4.Sandalwood Paste 

Sandalwood paste is a 100% natural and healthy dark private skin whitener.

Ingredients: Sandalwood powder  & Rose water

Steps to follow:

1. Mix sandalwood powder in rose water. Ensure it’s a thin mixture.

2. Apply this all over your dark skin; when dry, wash it off with tepid water.


One of the easiest remedies for dark private skin at home is tomatoes.


Steps to follow:

1. Get a fresh tomato from the kitchen and cut into halves.

2. Rub one half on your dark skin till the tomato dries off.

3. Wash with cold water.

Source: Boldsky

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