Raise Your Thumb & See Your Personality Type!

Many people believe that your physical attributes can represent your psychological and behavioral traits. This is what your thumb says about your personality!

Your thumb flexibility is a valuable indicator showing how well you make changes in life. It reveals how resistive or acceptable you are to changing ideas and beliefs.


1. Straight thumbs up!


You have a high sense of integrity.

You are the center of attention everywhere you go, and you have a unique sense of confidence.


You are the leader of the group and you like to hang out in large groups over small groups.

2.Thumbs up a little forward!


You are a straight forward person and express yourself directly.

You are honest with your emotions and you also like to be the center of attention.


You are popular amongst your friends and you’re the life of the party!

But be careful because conflicts can arise because you’re very strong headed.

3.Thumb a little backwards!


You are kind, caring, and overall very positive.

You are loved by everyone because of your bright personality.


You are very popular because you’re polite and well-mannered with everyone.

However, you’re not the type to open up easily and show people the real you.


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