The Word That Comes To Your Mind First Will Reveal How Dirty Your Mind!

The Game of Naughty Clues… We all have those moments when our mind slips into the gutter! For some people this happens more often than others. This test is designed to find out just how dirty your mind really is…find out now!

Take a look at the image BEFORE scrolling down, and think of the first word that comes to mind.


If you thought of

Your mind is Very Dirty!
You have a very creative mind that can connect almost everything into something dirty.
You love to find the more “exotic” aspects of everyday objects and experiences, and give them your signature flare.
Some people might find it a bit much for their taste, but most people will love you for your confidence and humor.

If you thought of

Your Mind Is A Little Dirty
You are well balanced and smart.You can be very funny and engaging when you want to be, and you can also be very serious when needed. You tend to see a lot of “dirty” things, and you can come up with dirty jokes on the spot, but you know when you can share them, and when you need to keep them to yourself.

If you thought of

Your mind is very Innocent
You have your moments, but you definitely don’t have the dirtiest mind of all. You’re always focused on other things, which doesn’t give your mind a chance to stray very often. But when it does, you can be low-key as dirty minded as anybody else.

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