Contrary to popular beliefs, obesity comes in many different forms in the body. Regardless of the shape, obesity is a big problem in the society.

Here we have listed the types of obesity, its causes, and how to solve the problem too. We hope we take you one step closer to a healthier life. And we hope you will stay active, stay healthy and fight obesity.

Where you carry your fat can help you identify what lifestyle changes you need to reverse it.


#1. Overeating belly

You often overeat and do not follow a healthy diet, you lead a sedentary lifestyle. It’s better for you to stop eating fast food, cookies, and chocolate and start workouts for at least 20 min. a day.

#2. Stressful belly

You are often worried and nervous, so you consume high-calorie foods to get rid of stress. You need to find ways to relax without food. Try meditation and exercises.

#3. Lower body obesity

The reason may be a hormonal problems or menopause. In order to fight this kind of obesity, you should give up smoking and alcohol, and start to lead a more active lifestyle. Try active fat-burning workouts that include training with weights and cardio workouts.

#4. Swollen belly obesity

It is likely that you drink a lot of alcohol or you have trouble breathing. You should lead a more healthy lifestyle, give up alcohol, do breathing exercises and spend more time walking.

#5. Lower leg obesity

This problem often affects pregnant women, as they complain about swelling. If you want, try water aerobics to relieve pressure on the joints and get rid of the swelling.

#6. Big belly with upper back fat

The cause of obesity in this group is lack of exercise. They need to exercise regularly and monitor blood sugar levels.

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