8 No-Photoshop Guides To Look Photogenic In Pictures.

Everyone wants to look good, especially in the photos, and why not? It is everyone’s right and requirement as well, to be looking good and attractive. For that one purpose, tools and techniques are developed and everything has been done to crack the secret of looking good in pictures. So let us try and see these simple points that will help us look beautiful and photogenic for a change.

1. Never stand straight

Never while clicking a picture should you stand straight in front of the camera. It looks really awkward. On the other hand, standing sideways gives you a natural yet flowing look to your viewer and at the same time becomes appealing.

2. Bending Enhances The Picture

We know that picture paints a thousand words. Whatever your caption, its your picture that shows YOU. So make sure you have those curves in the right places. Remember, the most important curve on you has to be that smile.

You see here? Angle your face slightly away from the camera so that it helps form shadows in the right places, enhancing your look. Bend all the joints where bending is possible. This helps show off the curves of the body. But be sure to only bend a little. Bending too much might just make the picture awkward. So remember, just the right amount!

3. Footing

Always put the leg facing camera in the front while you are standing sideways. Oh yes, always stand sideways. This makes the picture look better as I said earlier. Also, always keep the foot loose and bent for it makes you look more relaxed and the picture natural.

A reminder: Don’t forget to tilt your face a little too!

4. Never Sit Flat-Footed

A stylish picture is the one which is bold. What gives you that look? While sitting, never leave your foot flat, rather extend and slant your toes. It makes the picture stand apart and gives a more appealing look.

5. Sitting Posture

Sitting straight in a picture is a toss-up. It can go either ways. It can look really good or horribly wrong.

So as we saw in the standing posture, same applies while sitting. Always, I repeat, always get clicked sideways or click sideways. It gives a winding look and magnifies the beauty of the click.

6. Say No To 90 Degrees

Never go for a 90 degree posture. It spoils the raw nature of the click. Bring a little grace in the picture by either moving your legs a bit further or backwards. Position your body to face a little towards the camera rather than just the neck.

7. Keeping Them Together

While taking a close up, almost all of us make the mistake of thinking that leaving your fingers loose and open looks stylish but it isn’t so. That is, while keeping your hand on the face, keep the fingers together.

Keeping them apart doesn’t look pretty but instead it ruins the delicacies of the picture. So stick to the good old way of taking the picture like the older generations did. Also, make sure you stand a little slant and leave your body loose. Standing rigid might ruin that happy memory for you or might make that sad memory a bit more upbeat.

8. Be yourself!

The best tip anyone can ever give you is to be yourself! Take your time, move around, laugh, dance, groove, do whatsoever you want to! Nothing beats the natural joy your body radiates. If your photographer is good, he’ll get the click. And if that doesn’t do the job, your confidence will do it.

If you aren’t yourself in the click, then even the best lensman or photoshop in the world cannot get the picture perfect in you.

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