Is Your Sperm Healthy? 7 Signs You Have Strong Swimmers.

The general convention is that the more masculine a guy looks, the higher his sperm count must be. But looks can be deceptive. It is not necessary that a guy who looks like the reincarnation of a Greek god will have a healthy sperm count. Actually, the quality of a man’s semen is determined by signs that are much more basic. You can read the signs of having healthy sperm from the habits and the appearance of a man.

You need strong sperm for pregnancy. Its not enough to have a healthy sperm count if the quality of the semen is not good. That is why; you need to identify the physical signs of healthy sperms. These are some unseeingly signs that you have healthy sperms.

You hit the gym

Men who exercise for 15 hours or more a week have a sperm concentration 73% higher, according to researchers from Harvard. Not only does exercise keep your weight down, it also increases the expression of antioxidants throughout your body.

Researchers from the Netherlands laso found that men with a waist circumference of 40 inches or greater had lower sperm concentration. And those who watch TV for more than 20 hours a week have a sperm concentration 44% lower.

You Are Not A Smoker

Sorry smokers but your nicotine drags deems your sperm unhealthy by the minute. Smoking reduces sperm count and also affects the DNA that your semen carries.

You Love To Eat Fish

Fish and omega-3 fatty acids that are found in it are very good for your sperm count and quality. Fish helps to keep your semen smooth and increase the motility or swimming speed of your sperms.

You Don’t Eat Junk Food

Processed meats and junk food damages the quality of your sperm. It interfere with your testosterone level and deems your sperms unhealthy.

You Don’t Wear Tight Underwear

Wearing skin tight underwear is not good for your skin or for your sperm count. Tight underwear heats up your scrotum and the rise in temperature kills sperms.

You Don’t Ride Bikes

Riding a bike in the traffic for serval hours heats up your scrotum. The extra heat can kill your sperms because they need a very moderate temperature to survive.

You Don’t Keep Mobile Phones In Your Pocket

Radiations from cellular phones can actually reduce your sperm count. These harmful radiations obliterate your sperms and even damage the DNA in it.

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