12 Warning Signs That We Should Increase Our Water Intake.

Did you know that we often mistake the feeling of thirst for hunger? So instead of topping up on fluids, we eat; and instead of supplying our bodies with the much needed water, we give it what it doesn’t really want. This can lead to a state of mild to moderate dehydration, and many people suffer from it without even knowing.

Here are 8 common signs of dehydration that should prompt you to drink more:

1. Your urine becomes dark yellow

The color of your urine is an important indicator of health. When you drink sufficient amounts of water, your urine is pale yellow. If it gets dark yellow and appears more concentrated, this is a sign you need to refill on water. Also the frequency of urination matters. If you haven’t been to the toilet for 2 hours or more, this means you haven’t been drinking any water and should replenish.

2. You feel dizzy

Since blood is mainly made of water, dehydration also causes a drop in blood pressure. When you have low blood pressure, you can start feeling wobbly.

3. You have a headache

Headaches are often caused by dehydration (as I mentioned in my post about the top 15 causes of headaches). When the pressure in your blood vessels drops, it makes it harder for the heart to pump enough oxygen to the brain, which results in a headache.

4. You experience brain fog

It’s not uncommon to have cognitive difficulties when you haven’t drunk enough water. Brain is made 90% of water and brain cells and nerves react badly to water loss. You can start feeling sluggish, and experience problems with concentration and memory.

5. You are feeling fatigued

Lack of water can often result in a feeling of tiredness and sleepiness (as I mentioned in my post about the 6 reasons you are tired all the time). This warning sign, too, is connected with low blood pressure and difficulty supplying the brain with the oxygen it requires.

6. Your skin is dry

If your skin feels dry and has lost some of its elasticity, this can signal you’re dehydrated. Drinking water can help you maintain your youthful appearance and keeps the skin healthy and shining.

7. You get constipated

If you have trouble with constipation, increasing your fluid intake should be the first step and it’s also one of the top 10 natural remedies for constipation. Water helps the food move through your intestines and keeps the digestive tract flexible and clean, so it can perform its function well.

8. Your urine has a foul ammonia smell

Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration which can cause a smell of ammonia to come from your urine. The odor is produced by chemicals in your urine which become very concentrated due to a lack of water. You may also notice more bubbles in your urine when you pee.

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