6 Scientific Reasons Why Indian Toilets Are Better Than Western Ones.

We Indians are obsessed by the western culture and this is the fact! Leave about cuisine, apparels and other western cultures, we are also moved with the style of toilet they have been using. Earlier, I was feeling shy to speak about this, but later I realized that this is a very important issue because most of the people are moving towards the western culture which also includes revamping the style of your toilet. Well, here we mention some scientific reasons why Indian toilets are far better than the western ones.

1. It makes you fit and increases your life expectancy.

Indian toilets can make you exercise everyday and this is the way where your life expectancy increases. While most of us know the importance of exercise, the rest people just ignore about this. While using the Indian toilet you are not only making use of your hands and you are not only sitting and standing but also you are sweating.

It is also believed that the way we sit on Indian toilet is actually good for blood circulation and also helps to give a good exercise to your hands and legs especially.

2. It helps you to digest properly.

Sitting on an Indian toilet also gives you a full aid digestion which means the squat position helps a person to digest the food properly where the food is pressed, pressurized and churned properly so that it is easier to poop out. Whereas in American style toilet, we are just sitting ideal without giving any pressure on our stomach and this may not result in anything good and satisfactory.

3. It is eco friendly.

Have you seen any voice rising against the Indian toilet system? Well, talking about the western toilet system, you would be using the toilet paper for cleaning purpose thus leading to wastage of paper. Whereas in Indian style, all you need is small amount of soap and some water to be used. There is no paper wastage done in the Indian toilet system and hence this is the best system you should be opting too.

4. It is good for pregnant women.

Using Indian toilet is also a good thing for pregnant woman because it benefits them in a natural way. While a pregnant woman is using the squat position on Indian toilet, it avoids giving pressure on her uterus. Also, it is said that using more of Indian toilet can help to make a pregnant woman more ready and more easier for natural delivery.

5. It is clean and hygienic.

We Indians love to be clean and I remember my parents speaking about Americans how they use paper to clean after they have pooped. We Indians use little amount of soap and water to clean just after we have pooped and we are no more acting of being hygienic by just using a paper to clean the area. So it is better to clean the area with soap so that bacteria do not stay in there and using Indian toilets is the only way out.

6. And most importantly, Indian toilets can prevent colon cancer and other diseases.

Squatting helps complete evacuation of stools from colon in our body, thus it helps to prevent from suffering from constipation, appendicitis, and anything that causes colon cancer and other diseases.


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