14 Famous Food-Related MYTHS That Were Denied By Science.

Has your mother ever told you that eating dinner after 7pm is not healthy? Or you should always eat two bananas together? These food myths have existed since man started eating. Do you know about all the food related myths? Many of us wonder if they are true or not.

Scientists have found the answers to all those lingering questions in your mind. They have used science to debunk 14 of the most famous food myths of all time.

The Tapoos Team has gathered the facts for all the debunked food myths:

Myth 1: Wooden Chopping Boards are Prone to Bacteria

Truth: It is only a myth. No scientific data is available to support it. All you have to do is to make sure your cutting boards are thoroughly washed.

Myth 2: Salt Water Boils Faster

Truth:No matter how much salt you add into water, the boiling point of water never changes.

Myth 3: Eggs Increase Your Blood Cholesterol

Truth:This is completely wrong. Eating saturated fat, and trans fat raises your blood cholesterol level. Eggs contain no trans-fats at all. Scientists have found that eggs contain some rare antioxidants that help preserve vision.

Myth 4: Aluminum Cookware Can Cause Alzheimer’s Disease

Truth:Scientists have proven that the human kidneys hold the ability to dissolve any aluminum content. Therefore, it cannot cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Myth 5: Energy Drinks Give You Energy

Truth:What they actually give you is insomnia and obesity. The high sugar and caffeine content gives you a slight sugar rush that’s all.

Myth 6: Fried Food Can Cause Heart Attacks

Truth:Scientists have found no correlation between heart attack and fried food.

Myth 7: You Should Consume 5 Small Portion Meal

Truth:Scientists have come to the conclusion that such a diet has no effect on your weight.

Myth 8: Vitamin C Fights Against Flu and Colds

Truth:No scientific data is available to support this claim.

Myth 9: Coffee is Not Good for Your Heart

Truth:The risk of heart disease in people who consume coffee is 25 percent less than those who don’t.

Myth 10: Carrots Lose Their Nutrition If Cooked

Truth:Cooked carrots are actually more nutritious than uncooked ones. Cell walls break down and beta-carotene releases when carrots are cooked.

Myth 11: Skinning a Chicken Decreases it Caloric Count

Truth:If skinning a chicken decreases anything, it is the juiciness of the meat. No caloric amounts decrease in reality.

Myth 12: Carbonated Drinks are Harmful

Truth:This myth only holds true for flavored carbonated drinks.

Myth 13: High Intake of Spices Can Cause Ulcers

Truth:The uncomfortable sensations after consuming spices are not ulcers’ symptoms.

Myth 14:Alcohol Consumption Kills Brain Cells

Truth:Studies reveal that people who consume alcohol have the same number of brain cells as normal people do.

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