If You Do This In The Morning, Your Risk Of Becoming Overweight Goes Up 50%.

For a lot of people, breakfast means a cup of coffee (and/or cigarette). Many don’t feel hungry when they first get up and some abstain from breakfast to slim down. But it turns out it’s not an effective strategy for staying healthy or watching your weight. If losing weight is your goal, avoid these metabolism-slowing mistakes in the morning.

  1. Fiber Intake:

    Boost up your fiber consumption by eating only whole wheat bread, pasta, and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. Studies have shown that some fiber may rev the fat burn, by as much as 30%. It has been found that women, who consume the most fiber, gain the least weight over time. Target for at least 25gm per day (this amount is in about 3 servings each of fruits and vegetables).

  2. Eating Late:

    It is one of the most common mistakes. For those who don’t have time for breakfast and they tend to skip it, this will only worsen your health condition. It makes your metabolism to slow down for a day as body did not get the food, so the brain send signals to the body to save energy and similarly the fats get stored instead of burning. To avoid such conditions it is suggested to eat within an hour after waking up.

  3. Not exercising:

    Research have shown that positive effects of boosting up your metabolism and burning calories instantly runs up to 24 hours after exercising. It has been proven that morning exercises can burn more calories as compared to other times of the day. Thus start doing morning exercises on regular basis.

  4. Lack of protein in the diet:

    Make sure to have protein in every meal as your body requires it to maintain lean muscle. Add a serving, like three ounces of lean meat, two tablespoons of nuts, or 8 ounces of low-fat yogurt, in your daily meal and snacks.

  5. Skipping Iron:

    Your body needs iron in the morning, especially if you are a woman. Foods loaded with iron are beneficial as they supple oxygen to all the muscles. Woman should eat enough iron on daily basis as its deficiency can make your metabolism to get slow down. Eat beans, lean meat, spinach and processed cereals as they are the good source of iron.

  6. Not lifting weights:

    Many people feel that resistance training is not for them. They think that cardio vascular exercises are good enough to keep them fit and healthy. It is true in many cases, if you wish to get lean muscles and if you want to keep the fat burning process going even after you have stopped doing exercises. It would be better to start doing strength training as in this case the muscles start to recover and rebuild themselves;

    they burn the fat cells to get energy. At the time when you take rest, the muscles are repairing themselves and burning calories at the same time. Therefore a metabolism boosting workout even for 10 minutes included in one’s morning exercise routine will keep the calories burning throughout day.

  7. Missing dairy products:

    lack of calcium which is very common in woman, can also slow down metabolism. Studies have shown that dairy products like fat free milk and low fat yogurt can also decrease fat absorption from other foods.

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